blog post #1: How do you work this thing?

Hello everyone. Welcome to A blog created by a 20-something year old girl living in London. This blog will not only be a source of therapy for me, but also a way of showing you what I get up to generally and how I like to waste my time and money. I like makeup, food, clothes & adventures. Exciting right? Okay I’m getting carried away, let’s rewind and I’ll tell you how this all came about.

After months of umming & aahing about the thought of starting a blog, I finally plucked up the courage to press enter and start this journey. You see, a lot of my decisions are based on this judgement game of going back and forth. Creating disastrous scenarios in my head such as starting this blog will only cause embarrassment & humiliation, or touching my face after holding that bus pole will surely cause a lifetime supply of acne. It even goes as far as getting on that train to Central London will somehow collide in the tunnel and I’ll lose my life. (Dramatic I know – you’ll get used to it).

However, as we continue well into 2017 (it unfortunately isn’t slowing down for anyone) I’ve somehow managed to convince myself to break out of this habit and just do things without over thinking. Yes I may not be used to doing them, but the more I try the easier they will become. I hope. I’ve learnt over the past few years, hesitation only restricts you from enjoying your life – which surely can’t be healthy? It makes sense in my head okay.

That being said, the aim for this blog is hopefully to post everything & anything I want. Things that may seem crazy or stupid to you, but meaningful & deep to me. Get it? I hope I don’t lose you along the way and you are able to stick with me. Let us all pray this is something I can actually achieve without giving up or forgetting about!

See you soon!

S x





3 thoughts on “blog post #1: How do you work this thing?”

  1. Welcome to the blog world! I know it may be daunting but well done on successful posting. Your blog tone is entertaining and unique. Hope to read more from you soon!!


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