blog post#2: Hometown Glory

Ahh traffic jams, body odour and squashed trains. How I adore this city oh so very much.

Though I may be biased, London is truly one of the most magnificent cities in the world. Growing up, my parents always made sure we were occupied before they heard the dreaded words “i’m bored”. Therefore any chance we got, it was a day out in London exploring and taking embarrassing photos next to every monument/attraction possible. Having lived in London my whole life, I truly feel as though now I am at a stage where I truly appreciate the history and culture that surrounds me. It’s crazy how so many of these buildings have stood for years, and yet I am still constantly discovering new places. Almost everyday I find myself stopping to take a photo of something that I had never noticed before.

In this particular blogpost, I wanted to share some photos of how I would describe my perfect day in London.


  1. Selfridges.

I don’t think I will ever be able to express how content one department store can make me. I can spend hours in Selfridges, without looking at my phone or watch. The possibilities are endless. From gawping at the Accessories Hall (which has just been revamped!) to having my eyes fixated on every beauty item possible, I never find myself unhappy in Selfridges.



2. Finding those perfect backgrounds.

If anybody knows me, they know marble is my weakness. There is something that is just so aesthetically pleasing about a marble background. Almost every single time I find one, I force the poor individual who for some reason decided to spend their day with me, to take that perfect shot. I mean what else are they for – right?  This marble background can be found in New Bond Street.



3. FOOD.

I love food. So much so that I am always on the hunt for that amazing heart warming meal. This infamous yellow table & green cushioned sofa can only be found in one place. This next photo needs no further words.



4. The icing on the cake. (in this case, the Nutella on the waffle).

I unfortunately inherited my sweet tooth from my mother, which does get me into trouble sometimes. But more often that not, my partner in crime never refuses to join me in indulging on a delicious treat. Soho has some of the most amazing dessert places, including Snowflake Gelato.


All photos included in this blogpost are my own. Though I may take it for granted, there is something so bloody brilliant about London and I will continue on my exploring endeavours.

I hope you enjoyed this post & hope to see you soon!

S x


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